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Yamaha SS125

Yamaha SS125 is a facelifted version of the Yamaha Gladiator that was discontinued in 2010. This 125 cc bike is equipped with much of the same specs as the Gladiator. That is, a 123.7 cc single cylider 4 stroke engine that delivers a max power of 8 kw and torque of 10.4 Nm. Other features include a five speed constant mesh gearbox, 130 kg payload and a fuel tank capacity of 13.6 liters. The Yamaha SS125 is priced at Rs. 50,000 ex-showroom Delhi.

Yamaha SS125 Mileage

Yamaha SS 125 Mileage

Since the SS125 is a directly evolved from the Gladiator, you may expect the mileage claims to be very similar to what you saw with the discontinued bike. According to the company, this motorbike should deliver a mileage of 71.5 kmpl under standard test conditions. Compare this mileage to those offered by the other bikes in this segment – Honda Stunner claims 68.3 kmpl, Bajaj Discover 125ST claims 65-70 kmpl while Hero Ignitor should ideally deliver 60 kmpl. Only TVS Victor GLX claims 85kmpl although that doesn’t seem to hold on city roads.  So we are not doing bad here if we achieve the Yamaha claimed mileage.

Customer Feedback on Mileage

So what are customers who have tested and rode the SS125 say about the bike’s fuel consumption? According to various posters on the XBHP forum, the Yamaha SS125 should deliver an average of 50-55 kmpl under city conditions.   Going by a user survey conducted on BikeAdvice, the average mileage reported by Yamaha SS125 customers in real world conditions is a good 60 kmpl. That is only bettered by the Hero Glamour range in their survey.

BikesUnplugged has a pretty review of the SS125 where they claim the mileage of the bike to be around 67 kmpl. It is not clear if this is  on city roads or highways, but benchmarking it against the other reviews, we will assume this is on highway conditions.

MaxAbout has been a favourite source to learn about the varying mileages under city and highways conditions. With the Yamaha SS125 though, MaxAbout reports a disappointing mileage of 35-40 kmpl on city roads. They note this is a feedback from users and while I may not dispute the numbers as such, I wonder if it was just the disgruntled customers who reported the numbers. Otherwise, the report says you can expect 50-55 kmpl on city roads and over 60 on the highways.

MouthShut has over 60 reviews on the SS125 and these reviewers have given the bike a decent 4/5 for fuel consumption efficiency. Customers have been extremely happy in their reviews and they report a city mileage of between 55-60 kmpl and on highways to be around 62 kmpl. Even one customer who reports an initial mileage of around 45 kmpl has noted that his bike’s fuel economy shot up to 60 kmpl after the second servicing. So at this point, I would not think much about the user reviews from MaxAbout since the reviews have been overall positive from everywhere else.

You do not expect any bad reviews on Olx in any case and that is exactly what it is. Customer report a mileage between 50-56 kmpl on an average with one user reporting 65 kmpl.

Mileage Reviews Summary
Source City Mileage (kmpl) Highways Mileage (kmpl)
Official 71.5
XBHP 50-55
BikeAdvice 60
BikesUnplugged 67
MaxAbout 35-40 (users) 60
MouthShut 55-60 62
Olx 50-56

So there you go. This bike is extremely good from a mileage point of view. There are hardly any negative reviews from a fuel economy standpoint and in any case this is a sporty looking bike that scores on all other parameters. It’s a thumbs up from our end!


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  1. srinivas 30 September 2013 at 4:35 am Permalink

    Stop writing fake reviews. I am getting 35-40 in city riding conditions. How can I expect 60+ in highways. Yamaha is cheating with wrong reviews.

  2. Avyudaya Khanal 16 October 2013 at 11:00 am Permalink

    My first bike was Gladiator. I rode this bike for a couple of years. Then I left it because of its high maintenance. At that time Gladiator provided me the highest mileage of 50KMPL and lowest of 38 on city road and I never tested it on highways. Yamaha YBX is my one of best bikes but even this required maintenance time and time again and there were always problems with the fuel tank (leakage) and the wheel that is fitted on front wheel for speedometer. Then I decided not to purchase any Yamaha bikes in future because it always gave me trouble.

  3. vivesh vijayan 26 November 2013 at 9:22 am Permalink

    Yamaha is my favorite bike. Today I have Yamaha SS 125 cc bike in Chennai. But I hate it because of service issue, mileage etc.

  4. Nitin 9 December 2013 at 7:17 am Permalink

    I’m surprised with people claiming that the bike is giving just 35-40kmpl. Do you guys ever get your bikes serviced?

    I just finished testing the mileage on my SS125 yesterday. On 6.4 litres of petrol, it ran ~318 kilometres, which is close to 50 kmpl. And mind you, 40% of the riding was in heavy city traffic (peak hour), ~40% in moderate traffic and rest without traffic. Personally, I’m happy with the mileage and performance it is giving.

    Make sure you get your petrol from trusted petrol pumps only. I only fill gas from Shell petrol pumps and get my bike serviced every 3 months.

  5. praveen kumar 2 July 2014 at 5:09 am Permalink

    Hey guys im getting mileage of 50-52 kmpl in city roads and 60 kmpl in highways with SS125

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