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Yamaha Ray

One of the latest entrants to the Indian scooter market space is the Yamaha Ray. The scooter is a 113cc 4 stroke single cylinder engine powered vehicle that can derive 7.1 PS of BHP and 8.1 Nm maximum torque. In terms of engine cylinder capacity, the Ray is neither the lowest or the highest powered scooter. We have already seen models like the Scooty Streak that are equipped with an 87.8cc engine while those like the Vespa LX and Suzuki Access are made of a 125cc engine. The Yamaha Ray is available at a starting price of around Rs. 46,000.

Yamaha Ray Mileage

Official Fuel Economy Claim

Equipped with a 113cc engine, this 104kg weighing machine should deliver a mileage better than what vehicles with a higher engine capacity and kerb weight could provide. According to Yamaha, the Ray can offer up to 62.1 kmpl of fuel efficiency under standard test conditions. These conditions are much different than what you can experience on the everyday roads and so expect a mileage lower than this on your daily commutes.

Customer Mileage Reviews

MaxAbout does not have its own test drive review. But they note that the Yamaha Ray can deliver close to 45 kmpl on city road conditions – and this is apparently a word from the company officials. BikeDekho in their review point out that although the 62.1 kmpl claim from the company is under the most optimal situations, “there is no chance” of this falling under 50 kmpl mark ever. According to their test, the fuel economy you can expect from the bike is 52 kmpl.

Given that this scooter has not been in the market for more than 3-4 months, the number of reliable test drives that talk about the mileage are few and far between. One review from FivePoint5 reveal that the fuel consumed by the Ray is one liter for every 45-48 kilometers. This is also agreed upon by another small blog, Sevyam, that guarantees a mileage of around 45 kmpl.

OnDrive is extremely positive about the Ray calling it the best in class for acceleration, ease of handling and fuel efficiency. The fuel economy experienced in their test drive was 53 kmpl. SeePrice is not so positive however. According to the blog, the expected mileage from the Ray is just between 35-45 kmpl which is nothing to brag about.

There are a handful of Yamaha Ray scooters put for sale on Olx. From the description provided by the sellers, the claimed fuel consumption seems to be anywhere between 45-55 kmpl. That is pretty good although you have to be wary of classifieds postings since people always post the most optimistic figure while they are looking to sell.

So there you have it. The Yamaha Ray does have an almost consistently reported mileage of over 45 kmpl which makes it a not-so-bad scooter after all. Should you go for it? I think you absolutely should.

[table caption=”Just test table”]
Source, Mileage (kmpl)
Official, 62.1
MaxAbout, 45
BikeDekho, 52
FivePoint5, 45-48
Sevyam, 45
OnDrive, 53
SeePrice, 35-45
Olx, 45-55



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  1. Sandeep 20 June 2013 at 4:57 pm Permalink

    I want to buy this Yamaha ray. But some time I feel worried about its mileage and my other choice is Honda aviator. can u tell me another option please please please……..

  2. devarajan s 10 January 2014 at 3:51 pm Permalink

    My Yamaha gives 52.4km.

  3. devarajan s 10 January 2014 at 3:53 pm Permalink

    Smooth riding and safe. You can get 52.4km.

  4. kiran 18 January 2014 at 1:12 pm Permalink

    ray is very good but its mileage is just 38km we given to service also but no use, there say it ill come up 50?????/

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