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KTM Duke 200

We have hardly discussed power bikes on this blog considering that the customers of these bikes are not really mileage conscious. If I remember right, the only 200cc+ bike that we have ever discussed on Mileage Info is the 225cc Hero Kariza ZMR. Today we will discuss another 200cc bike – the KTM Duke. We are writing about this mainly because the manufacturers are calling it a ‘low fuel consumption’ bike despite the power engine range it belongs to.

KTM Duke 200cc fuel efficiency reviews

Let us scan through the specs of this bike first. The KTM Duke is equipped with a single cylinder 4 stroke engine that has a displacement of 200cc and drawing a max power of 25.8 PS – do note that this is way more than what the ZMR can achieve (17.8 PS). The Duke has a pretty broad wheelbase of 1367mm and a ground clearance of 170mm. Weighing just over 129 kg, the bike can hold up to 11 liters of fuel at any point. The KTM Duke is available at an ex-showroom price of around Rs. 1,30,219 in Delhi. The price elsewhere could be higher.

Official Manufacturer’s Claim

As I have noted earlier, most manufacturers do not bother marketing the fuel consumption factor for a bike in this range. However, well knowing the Indian market, KTM has used the mileage as a point to showcase in their marketing material. According to them, you can drive well over 300 kilometers at full tank. That translates to a mileage of 27.27 kmpl. At face value, this seems pretty lower than the 51 kmpl marketed by Hero Karizma. But do note the higher power that this bike garners and as I have always said, with greater power comes a lower mileage and this is something you just cannot escape with motorbikes.

Customer Feedback and Test Ride Reviews

ZigWheels has the KTM Duke among its top 5 bikes in the 200-250cc in terms of mileage. According to the reviewer, this bike can reach the 100 kmph speed in just about 8 seconds and can deliver 363 kilometers on a liter of petrol. That makes it FE just around 33 kmpl. I have doubts on if this was tested on road or has been sourced from elsewhere. But in any case, that’s the claim.

MaxAbout is effusive in its praise for the bike’s naked looks which the reviewer notes is “extremely new” for Indians. Unlike ZigWheels which claimed a 8 second lead up to the 100 kmph mark, MaxAbout claims this can be done in 9.2 seconds. In terms of fuel consumption, the review reports a figure of 28 kmpl on city roads and 34 kmpl on the highways which is where this bike belongs.

MotorBeam in their review of the KTM Duke 200 have not included the mileage factor. However, one commenter there has posted that he can do 35-40 kmpl after second servicing. Now don’t quote me on this since the veracity of the claim cannot be validated.

Another KTM Duke owner who was interviewed by BikeAdvice claims that he can see a mileage of 41 kmpl. Now while I don’t doubt the owner’s claim, please do note that this figure was reported on the bike console and so may not be accurate. As a number of comments in the post have noted, if one were to do a “full tank”-to-“full tank” calculation, you could see a more realistic mileage of between 21-25 kmpl.

BikeDekho in its review says the looks of the KTM Duke 200 is “straight out of a Hollywood sci-fi” which I think is a little exaggerated but you can understand why. We have not seen a similar looking bike on Indian roads before. In terms of FE, the website gives a figure of between 28-35 kmpl on city roads which I think is a bit on the higher side.

There are seven reviews of the Duke 200 on MouthShut and these users have given the bike an overall fuel rating of 4/5 which is extremely impressive for a bike in this range. While the reviews are very useful from other aspects, only one review talks about mileage and the claim there seems too optimistic. The reviewer reports a figure of 30-35 kmpl on city roads and 40 kmpl on highways. I am not refuting this and you could possibly see this on your bike as well. However, for new buyers, do note that you may not always see this figure on your bike and so take this claim with a grain of salt.

So there you have it. Do you think the KTM Duke is value for money? Do tell us in the comments.

Source, City (kmpl), Highways (kmpl)
Official, –, 27.27
BikeAdvice, 41, —
BikeDekho, 28-35, —
MaxAbout, 28, 34
MotorBeam, –, 35-40
MouthShut, 30-35, 40
ZigWheels, –, 33

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  1. rohit 25 January 2015 at 3:34 am Permalink

    mujhe duke 200 leni h uska real milege bataiye plz in at city an highway i am verey confuse plz help me

  2. rohit 25 January 2015 at 3:35 am Permalink

    what is real avrege

  3. VIGNESH.G 9 March 2015 at 7:08 am Permalink

    Amazing bike

  4. saikat 18 July 2015 at 11:14 am Permalink

    bike is good for speed lovers not for average indians

  5. vishesh M 28 July 2015 at 10:47 am Permalink

    Good bike,but difficult to ride in Indian roads,my bike gives 36kmpl in cities,in highways it gives 49kmpl

  6. sam 4 September 2015 at 8:08 pm Permalink

    it gives in b/w 32-51 kmpl in city.

  7. Surya 14 September 2015 at 3:25 pm Permalink

    Rided 145 kms after delivery without filling petrol …showroom members told me that they filled 2.5 litres …I think there is some petrol in bike filled by company

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