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Honda Activa

This has been a long time coming. Honda Activa is without doubt the most popular among the scooters out there in the market. The Activa was first launched way back in 2000 and has since then been upgraded with better features and more importantly better mileage – up to 15% more. Honda Activa is built with a 109cc 4 stroke single cylinder engine and can offer a max power of 8 BHP and torque of 9 Nm. The scooter is now available in the markets at a not-so-cheap price of Rs. 46,387 ex-showroom, Delhi.

Honda Activa Mileage

Honda Activa Mileage

Since the launch of the 2009 model, Honda claims the Activa can deliver 15% more mileage. Not just that, they claim that this model now offers the best fuel economy of 66.7 kmpl among scooters in India. That’s a tall claim given the fact that the officially claimed mileage of TVS Scooty Streak is higher at 68 kmpl. For comparison, the officially claimed mileages of other scooters we have reviewed hover between 45 kmpl for the Kinetic Sym Flyte and 60 kmpl for the Hero Maestro.

 Actual Customer Reviews For Fuel Economy

Let us start with the reviews from BikeSpace. In their review they note that the Activa can deliver a mileage of 54 kmpl with a pickup that is lower than other scooters out there. It is evidently a compromise on either the pickup or the mileage. MyIndiaGuide reports a slightly lesser mileage – of just 52.2 kilometers on the liter. Again, BharathAutos notes a mileage that is between the other two reports – 53.5 kmpl.

ZigWheels, the automobile section of the Time Group, in their review have noted that the lower engine cylinder displacement on the Activa as compared to rivals has helped the scooter better the others in mileage. Their review shows a mileage of 46.8 kmpl on the Activa.

IndiaMart have not exactly reviewed the Activa. But in their description field, they report a city mileage of Activa to be around 55 kmpl. MaxAbout on the other hand paints a totally different picture. Their review has pegged the city mileage of Activa to be just 40 kmpl while the fuel economy improves on the highways to 45 kmpl. This is totally not what a customer whose main priority is the mileage would want. MaxAbout is not the only one to have reported such a low mileage. Some reports on forums like IndiaGarage have in fact noted even lower mileages like 35 kmpl on Honda Activa.

So as always, when in doubt, we hit MouthShut for the user reviews. There are over 350 reviews on the site with the average user rating the Activa 3/5 for mileage. This is typically not a good rating since from my earlier reviews, I have noted a 3/5 rating to be usually given to power-bikes, like the Honda CBR 150R for instance. Reading into the reviews, one cannot see why though. Most users have reported a mileage of between 45-55 kmpl on their Activa. It’s probably because of the difference between what they expected (66.7 kmpl according to company officials) and what they see on the road. Nevertheless, the difference in mileage is a valid concern and something that Honda ought to address right away.

Checking the Olx postings for Honda Activa (models since 2009), one can see that posters here actually report an average mileage lower than that reported on MouthShut. Customers have reported a fuel economy of between 40-50 kmpl. It’s not everytime that we see mileages reported on Olx to be lower than that reported on MouthShut since the latter is a reviews site and the former is a classifieds site where posters regularly sugarcoat their products for sale.

In any case, there you have it. The Honda Activa is definitely a good scooter for both genders. But you have to be careful with the mileage since it is not reported to be very consistent among various reviewers. If you are someone who is going to be happy with a 45-50 kmpl fuel consumption, there is no reason why you should not be going for the Activa. Here is a summary of what the various reviews have reported on the mileage:

Source, City Mileage (kmpl), Highways Mileage (kmpl)
Official, –,. 66.7
BikeSpace, 54, —
MyIndiaGuide, 52.2, —
BharathAutos, 53.5, —
ZigWheels, 46.8, —
IndiaMart, 55, —
MaxAbout, 40, 45
IndiaGarage, 35, —
MouthShut, 45-55, —
Olx, 40-50, —


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  1. karan 5 October 2013 at 5:32 am Permalink

    Make Your mileage good by these steps –

    Use tubeless tyres
    Make your air/fuel mixture lean
    Change the engine oil , gear oil
    Change the air filter
    Change the spark plug if necessary
    Check free movement of brake liners
    Use recommended tyre air pressure (depends on tyres)
    Use only normal fuel. Do not use premium fuel, it is not recommended
    Check your battery too.
    Drive at 30-50 KMPL that’s the economy speed

    Karan Bharadwaj

  2. N chaudhary 16 December 2013 at 7:14 pm Permalink

    Please give review of Honda Activa I.

  3. kumar 6 February 2014 at 7:24 pm Permalink

    Honda activa when new gives 50kmpl. After fourth service it gives only 32 kmpl how nice u drive or how frequenty u service it doesnt matter.i am ready to bet 1000 rs on this. Please dont post fake mileage and mislead the public.

  4. Kumar 7 February 2014 at 1:19 am Permalink

    I bet my money with anyone who proves this scooter gives more than 33 KMPL once it puts down 5K on the odo. I am servicing every 2500 kilometers and very nice on throttle whatever you do it doesn’t give me more than 33 KMPL. I agree it gave 50 KMPL when it is brand new but the mileage diminish with the service.

  5. Lokesh 4 April 2014 at 8:11 am Permalink


    I purchased Honda Activa 1.7 years back (September’12) and its still giving an average of 43-48 kmpl.

    My commute is an average 40 Km/day and my ride involves city roads, mud filled roads, highways and traffic jams. Considering all this and the fact that it has already travelled more than 27000 Km, 43-48 kmpl isn’t that bad. Also, I get my activa serviced every 1500 km and after every 3000-4000 km, I get my activa’s filter replaced.

    I want to know whether 43-48 kmpl is good or bad ?


  6. Rohit 13 May 2014 at 5:53 am Permalink

    I would like to ask Mr. Karan that tubeless tyres are available for Honda Activa…?

  7. praveen 27 May 2014 at 9:52 am Permalink


    I have increase mileage of active 2012 model. the mileage is 33 and I expected around 50.I can increase miliage

  8. RAM 3 July 2014 at 6:31 am Permalink

    Honda Activa is a very nice bike. It gives 55 kmpl

  9. RAM 3 July 2014 at 6:32 am Permalink

    it is good

  10. sambit 31 July 2014 at 7:07 am Permalink

    hello friends , i have bruoght an activa HET at last jan/2014 . the activa is a good moped but it’s milage is very poor like 27kmpl-35kmpl..
    when i clame in the service center the said after 5000km itwill give the actual miealage.. why company clam 60kmpl,why dont they clam the same service center comment …and i finally come to know that the honda service center dose not have any experiance mechanic…THE HONDA IS ALWAYS CHEET WITH COUSTOMER IN case of ACTIVA, or SHINE ..the 60kmpl miealage is a froud promise by honda ..JUST THINK BEFORE BUY A HONDA PRODUCT…60KMPL MIEALAGE ha ha ha ha ha …just go with the truth…

  11. Ksrinivas 16 March 2015 at 8:10 pm Permalink

    Honda activa milage good. 61kmpl.

  12. kevin 24 June 2015 at 7:57 pm Permalink

    Activa HET 110 is the worst, hopeless, worthless scooter as the company says that it gives 60 kmpl mileage bt dts just fr few months later on it gives u a lot of problems such as Front fork problem and specially mileage it gives just 30-35 kmpl im really feeling lik hv wasted my money purchasing diz scooter.

    • abhey 26 June 2015 at 10:55 am Permalink

      yes Kevin you are absolutely correct. I was having handle wobbling issue , honda people charged me 1500 for fork truing and bearing replacement and issue was not at all resolved rather it turned more vigrous.

  13. vikram adhikari 22 July 2015 at 11:09 am Permalink

    hi my honda activa 14/jan/ 2014 is giving 43-49,mostly 45 .so i am satisfied by this average,and this average is not fake .I calculate the average every time when i fill up full tank and it is giving nice average.

  14. vikram adhikari 22 July 2015 at 11:11 am Permalink

    Ad this average is of local, on highway it gaves 52,53.

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