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Hero Pleasure

“Why should boys have all the fun” has been one of the most popular taglines for a two wheeler brand in recent times and Hero Honda got it absolutely right in positioning when they did this back when the Pleasure was launched. Hero Pleasure, as it is known today, is a 102cc 4 stroke single cylinder scooter targeted at the female riders that can deliver a maximum power of 5.03 kw (6.8 PS) and max. torque of 7.85 Nm. Hero has ensured the scooter doesn’t get too heavy with the kerb weight hovering around 104 kg with a max fuel tank capacity of 5 liters. The Hero Pleasure is available at a price of Rs. 42,100 ex-showroom at Delhi.
Hero Pleasure

Official Reported Mileage

Among scooters, you can say the Hero Pleasure is sort of a mid-range in the Indian market. There are scooters like the Scooty Pep that are significantly under 100cc while there are quite a few scooters that have more of a unisex positioning that are in the 125cc segment. According to Hero Motocorp, the Pleasure can deliver close to 55 kmpl under standard test conditions which is typically conditions closer to what you have on the highways. If you are wondering if 55 kmpl is good enough, I’ve prepared this chart that will compare the official mileage claimed on the various scooters we have reviewed till now:

Scooter Engine cc Official Claim (kmpl)
TVS Scooty Pep Plus 87.8cc 68kmpl
Yamaha Ray 113cc 62.1kmpl
Piaggio Vespa LX 125cc 60kmpl
Suzuki Access 124cc 50.22kmpl
Suzuki Swish 124cc 60kmpl
Honda Activa 109cc 66.7kmpl
TVS Scooty Streak 87.8cc 68kmpl
Hero Maestro 109cc 60kmpl
Mahindra Rodeo RZ 125cc 59.38kmpl
Honda Aviator 109cc 52kmpl
Kinetic Sym Flyte 125cc 45kmpl
Honda Dio 110cc 55kmpl
TVS Wego 109.7cc 50kmpl

So as you see, the 55kmpl economy claim on the Pleasure is not the best in the market. Nor is it as low as some of the other claims. So it lays somewhere in between.

Customer Reviews

Let’s start as usual with MaxAbout. According to their review, this scooter can hit a maximum speed of 77 kmpl and on an average can deliver between 35-45 kilometers per liter of petrol. The review on BikeSpace has a similar report. They note that the Hero Pleasure can draw 45 kmpl on city roads while the same on highways can go as high as 50 kmpl. This is not too bad.

Another website called Bikerani that I have not reported from anytime earlier notes that on city roads, the Pleasure can give between 45-52 kmpl economy while the same on highways could increase up to 55 kmpl.

A user on IndiaGarage notes that the real world mileage delivered by the Pleasure can be extremely better than those offered by more popular rivals. He claims that while the Activa used to give him only around 35 kmpl on city roads, the same on the Hero Pleasure was as high as 55 kmpl. This looks a little too optimistic. We will then have to take a look at what other customers have got to say on MouthShut.

There are over 107 reviews for the Pleasure on the site with the scooter getting a 4/5 rating for fuel consumption. There seem to be two kinds of customers here Рone, who have problems with the bike with respect to post-sales service, battery parts who have subsequently also claimed the mileage is poor. The other long time customers who have rode several thousand kilometers on their Pleasure and seem to be reporting good numbers. The latter who have written more objective reviews claim the mileage to be between 45-55 kmpl on an average. The former who have other problems with their scooter report the mileage between 33-45 kmpl.  For the sake of being more practical, I would go with the 45-55 kmpl figure while also noting that the scooter seems to have its fair share of problems that are not mileage related.

So there you go. Here is a snapshot of what the various people have reported. Overall, it seems to be a good bike as far as mileage is concerned. But the reports from several users on MouthShut makes me believe you need to check on the post-sales customer care and research a bit more on the spare parts before making an informed decision.

Source City Fuel Economy (kmpl) Highways (kmpl)
Official 55
MaxAbout 35-45
BikeSpace 45 50
Bikerani 45-52 55
IndiaGarage 55
MouthShut 45-55

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  1. nvn kumar 10 March 2013 at 9:58 am Permalink

    I bought 2months b4,My plzr gives 43kmpl only b4 n aftr 1st servicng..

  2. rasmi 18 May 2013 at 8:20 am Permalink

    Can i use whole (5 liter) petrol at the time of riding.

  3. nikita 26 June 2013 at 3:39 pm Permalink

    Well I’m considering to buy one but I’m a little confused….Some of my friends have suggested that Honda scooters (activa, aviator) are better when its comes to body and power and mileage is sufficient enough while sum have said that pleasure will be good as it’s light and provide high mileage….I’m thinking about activa …can I have some suggestions please?

  4. sandeep 13 August 2013 at 7:38 am Permalink

    hi,i bought this bike 2 months ago, the mileage is 42kmpl on city roads.It was achieved only after 1st service,maintained constant speed upto 30-35kmph on city roads. Do not rise the throttle unnecessarily inorder to get the good mileage,It touches the speed upto 65kmph.

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